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Senior Scientific Advisor

  • Post Date:October 28, 2021
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Job Description

Sygnetics is looking for a Senior Scientific Advisor in the Maryland area.
This person will provide support services to satisfy the overall operational objectives of the Office of the Director, Division of Program Coordination and Planning and Strategic Initiatives. The primary objective is to provide services and deliverables through performance of support services relating to the Iodine Program in ODS.

Minimum Education: Master’s

Certifications & Licenses:
Ph.D. in Nutrition Science

Skills (Ranked By Priority):
Knowledge of NIH grants and funding mechanism
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 represents priority rankings, where 1 is highest priority and 5 is lowest priority of those ranked

Microsoft Office

Field of Study: Nutrition Sciences

Work products and documents related to providing administrative and scientific support to the Iodine Program. – Ad-Hoc
Work products and documents related to gathering information about priorities to the Populations Study Program. – Ad-Hoc
Work products and documents related to assisting with outreach activities to external stakeholder groups, such as planning and organizing scientific sessions at professional and trade meetings. – Ad-Hoc
Provide scientific input on the review of the ODS grants and extramural funding program. – Ad-Hoc

functional responsibility:
Researches and evaluates the operation of the organization’s scientific programs.

Work with staff on existing projects and or the development, initiation and execution of new project initiatives

Work with staff on the concept development, planning, execution and support of all project-related activities

Organize and maintain project documentation and communications; track project progress using project management tools

Review and proofread programmatic documents describing scientific and management issues and policies related to their designated program
functional responsibility

Researches, interprets and summarizes background materials from a variety of scientific sources.

Conduct literature searches in PubMed, Web of Science and other information sources; manage references using bibliographic software

Conduct search for material for a specific programmatic need, using a database to search for material in many cases

Organize and analyze reports in a scientific area as assigned

Read, interpret, analyze and condense material from a variety of sources for presentation

Create scientific search criteria for locating scientific, program and related information on the internet and other means, including literature and database searches
functional responsibility

Compiles data and creates and prepares graphs, slides and presentations.

Prepare scientific and programmatic presentation materials such as tables, graphs, slides, abstracts, posters and overheads by assimilating and mastering the scientific data and programmatic con-text for use at presentations and meetings

Analyze and develop presentations consisting of data from progress reports to be used by Program staff and at meetings in the overall analysis of Program progress

Conduct searches for material for a specific programmatic need and or presentation; use a database to search for material as necessary

Collect, read, interpret, analyze and condense material from a variety of sources and prepare reports of data analysis for presentation

Prepare presentation materials such as handouts, meeting materials, slide presentations, and background supplemental documents, spreadsheets, charts and graphs for conferences, committee, meetings, workshops and group updates
functional responsibility

Performs logistical planning of various scientific meetings, lectures, workshops.

Attend meetings, training and conferences in support of program initiatives

Identify, assess, draft, edit, revise and assemble necessary background materials

Work with staff to identify key issues and track action items and tasks, providing deadline reminders to Program staff and update and maintain spreadsheets of relevant information

Draft, review and proofread programmatic documents, such as conference agendas, meeting agendas, letters to presenters, participant lists, handouts, emails, thank you letters and reports
functional responsibility

Plans, organizes and participates at a senior level in technical meetings and consultations.

Work with staff to coordinate and plan scientific meetings, including communications with distinguished lecturers, invited guests and participants, registration and meeting logistics

Prepare and give formal presentations for division leadership and other interest groups

Give regular progress reports to sponsor and stakeholders

Maintain ongoing, proactive communication with key personnel throughout the initiative; gather, provide and exchange information with Network investigators, their staff and other relevant individuals
functional responsibility

Reviews and evaluates the performance of the organization.

Organize and coordinate program activities; manage agendas, meetings, background materials and minutes

Provide project management support for large and or complex projects with internal and external stakeholders and other project participants

Ensure that all aspects of the programs are tracked and reported, key milestones and deliverables dates are known and adhered to, and that all individuals and partners involved are kept appraised of progress of integrated tasks and next steps
functional responsibility

Analyzes existing scientific programs and makes recommendations for improvement.

Analyze and develop presentations consisting of data from grantee progress reports to be used by Program staff and at grantee meetings in the overall analysis of Program progress

Research and assemble outlines of new milestone proposals for evaluation by staff

Define problems; analyze alternatives; recommend solutions to complete problems affecting the conduct of research programs
functional responsibility

Develops and prepares various scientific reports.

Organize, analyze, and write project reports, scientific papers and present reports in scientific areas, based on results and findings

Obtain information and data; review and summarize materials and data; gather and coordinate information for review; conduct data entry and file maintenance; edit and or prepare text, data and charts

Search scientific, program and related information on the Web and other means; perform literature and database searches

Complete progress reports that detail project status and flag potential issues

Develop periodic and special reports; search records and files, the Internet, background materials and precedent references
functional responsibility

Develops and implements new scientific programs in order to fulfill organizational goals and objectives.

Assess alignment of policymakers interests with the mission, and work with staff to develop strategies opportunities to educate inform policymakers on relevant scientific, education, and outreach efforts,

Collaborate with staff to plan and carry out special studies and analyses of the research portfolios
functional responsibility

Develops and maintains clinical database.

Perform statistical analysis, including data management cleaning, creating new variables, etc., descriptive statistics, linear regression and regression analyses, logistic regression models and survival models
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 represents priority rankings, where 1 is highest priority and 5 is lowest priority of those ranked