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Quality Assurance Lead

  • Post Date:October 28, 2021
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Job Description

Sygnetics is looking for a Quality Assurance Lead in the Maryland area.
quality assurance manager for the All of Us Research Program platforms, as part of a highly collaborative, multi-disciplinary team focused on establishing and leading quality assurance processes with the diverse stakeholders of the All of Us Research Program. The incumbent for this role will lead the development of quality assurance standards and processes; coordinate the adoption and automated use of these processes across the multiple, large, software development awardees that make up the All of Us consortium; evaluate data to identify and prepare reports to summarize Quality Assurance issues; and, ensure that identified issues are remediated and compliance processes are reviewed regularly.

Minimum Education: Master’s

Certifications & Licenses
• Project Management Professional (PMP)

Skills (Ranked By Priority)
1. Portfolio analysis
2. Project management
3. Strategic planning
4. Data collection
5. Data analysis
6. Data cleaning
7. Public health
8. Policy briefs
9. Gap analysis
10. Scientific
11. Genomic
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 represents priority rankings, where 1 is highest priority and 5 is lowest priority of those ranked
• Demonstrates expertise with Microsoft MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, etc.)
Field of Study
• Information Sciences
• Community and Public Health

functional responsibility
Develops and assists staff implement policies and procedures related to the organization’s scientific programs.

• Coordinate and document projects from beginning to completion; monitor and report the status of completion, funding and results attained; provide progress reports

• Provide research management and analytic support for a range of major projects, including development of research protocols, coordination of large scientific initiatives, designing and developing survey data collection instruments, developing computerized systems for data collection, reviewing and editing analytic databases

• Perform a variety of quantitative and qualitative assessment and evaluation activities involved in collection, organization, analysis, preparation, processing and reporting of scientific information

• Collaborate with staff on the planning, implementation, coordination and evaluation of programs and initiatives in the assigned specialty area of research
functional responsibility
Collects, analyzes and creates scientific program information.

• Spearhead compilation, analysis and organization of scientific, program and related information; and develop and or lead data analysis dyadic data analysis

• Create both internal and external materials in the form of reports, summaries, emails, website content, video scripts, newsletters and social media

• Plan, initiate, monitor and conduct administrative portfolio analyses to evaluate the effectiveness of the program in meeting established goals
functional responsibility
Coordinates workshops and reports their outcomes.

• Prepare for a variety of information exchanges with public and private sector science colleagues working on research, programs, and policy related to research program priorities
functional responsibility
Evaluates current scientific programs and determines if changes need to be made.

• Provide scientific evaluation and analysis to facilitate management of Programs related to bioinformatics and big data

• Conceive, design and perform detailed analysis of the scientific landscape and or administrative factors affecting research program priorities and performance in various scientific areas; Oversee scientific, administrative, and fiscal aspects of such grants, and evaluating them for scientific progress, programmatic relevance and merit

• Evaluate program activities to identify issues and develop recommendations for improvement

• Develop and implement comprehensive studies of performance measures to evaluate program productivity, develop metrics and milestones to assess progress of the program
functional responsibility
Assists with analyzing current scientific programs and developing and proposing new initiatives.

• Work with staff on planning and implementing project-based activities; eg, workshop planning, resource evaluation, communication strategy, assist with report writing editing, etc.
functional responsibility
Collaborates with management and prepares reports to keep them updated on new and ongoing programs and activities.

• Meet with leadership on a regular basis to provide oral reports and discuss the status of on-going projects and to receive new assignments

• Provide analyses to program staff of new research proposals, both pre- and post-application, regarding scientific strengths and weaknesses, experimental design, technical approaches, and overall impact
functional responsibility
Coordinates staff responsible for developing, installing and maintaining scientific programs.

• Develop, implement and monitor scientific planning and evaluation processes

• Plan, develop and implement immediate and long-range goals and objectives designed to strengthen and enhance the success of the research program

• Work with staff on the development and coordination of scientific initiatives

• Implement issues and strategies to enhance successful completion of current projects; prepare conceptual plans and other written products
functional responsibility
Analyzes current policies and procedures and suggests and develops improvements.

• Conduct sophisticated, complex policy analyses of various issues impacting the Institute

• Participate and aid in making recommendations and monitoring implementation to improve management and progress of research managed

• Analyze business and operating procedures to devise the most efficient methods of accomplishing work; plan study of work problems and procedures, such as communications, information flow, integrated databases, inventory control or analysis of funding plans

• Analyze program activities to identify issues and develop recommendations for improvement

• Conduct reviews of relevant workgroup materials; coordinate feedback across team and collaborators within the project; guide revisions

• Advise senior project staff on study decisions; troubleshoot issues; analyze study goals, timeline, planning and progress

• Participate and aid in making recommendations and monitoring implementation to improve management and progress of research programs

• Develop and update project plans to accurately reflect milestones and resources for assigned or self-initiated projects

• Analyze and evaluate, on a quantitative and or qualitative basis, the effectiveness of programs or operations in meeting established goals, measures and objectives

• Develop and implement a comprehensive documentation procedure for projects, and portfolio monitoring activities

• Provide recommendations on the investigation of age, period and cohort patterns for research studies

• Develop an evaluation instrument to measure success and identify gaps in existing programs and portfolios

• Meet with staff on a regular basis to provide oral reports on the status of on-going projects and to receive new assignments

• Provide detailed, comparative projections based on the progress of projects, funding levels and other factors

• Perform ongoing analysis of published research and the alignment of the basic research portfolio

• Make recommendations for and facilitate new research effort, clinical studies, or other initiatives

• Provide advice to the team regarding unique conditions and issues which affect scientific and administrative functions

• Interpret scientific data to identify high priority, conduct portfolio analysis, identify opportunities and problem areas

• Identify operational and technical problems; work with staff to identify a recommended action plan and solutions
functional responsibility
Assists in preparing and developing future strategic plans.

• Screen and evaluate fit of the science topic of proposed projects for their interest and appropriateness with the mission of the Institute

• Complete progress reports; flag potential issues; synthesize and summarize research findings; draft and finalize top line reports and PowerPoint presentations
functional responsibility
Prepares and provides educational materials to staff.

• Work with staff and awardee staff to plan and execute communications and training programs related to the data science programs
functional responsibility
Works closely with management to develop new initiatives that further scientific research.

• Provide recommendations and guidance on planned related analyses
functional responsibility
Uses scientific expertise to review grant proposals and Interacts with potential grantees to obtain additional information.

• Interact with scientists as needed to help overcome technical hurdles or provide additional insights or expertise regarding the preparation of scientific protocols
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 represents priority rankings, where 1 is highest priority and 5 is lowest priority of those ranked